“Writing is the painting of the voice.” -Voltaire


Sincerely, Britnee is a calligraphy + design shop created with soul & made with love. Britnee Alphin, designer, has had a passion for writing since she was a child. From writing lyrics + poems to doodling on school notes, Britnee has been secretly passionate about calligraphy for many years. In January 2019, Sincerely, Britnee was created to finally live out her heart’s desire.


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Sincerely, Britnee offers a wide variety of products + services from paper service needs to mugs to holiday ornaments and more! Check out the services tab to learn more about what products + services are offered.

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What is calligraphy? When did it become a popular thing? How do you write like that? With all those curios questions, I created an area to answer all that and MORE! Visit the blog tab to learn more about cool calligraphy tools, how I got started, what calligraphy is and more.

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Blog not enough? Are you a visual learner? Want to understand the process and start your own journey? That’s awesome! I have a YouTube channel that shows my process. Visit the Sincerely, Britnee YouTube and SUBSCRIBE to learn more about the process.

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Britnee Alphin

Hey love, my name is Britnee. I am a creative Mom + Wife that seems to not be able to just do one thing. My passions are so all over the place so I’ve decided to just do them all and enjoy the process.


With all the possibilities that life brings, why just do one thing? Do it all. Learn it all. Love it all!

— Britnee Alphin


Let’s talk about it.

Back in the day, calligraphy was this feather and ink kind of thing that was super formal and not so eclectic and modern as it is today. Times have changed! Check out the blog to learn more about calligraphy and its evolution.