Baggage Check


So you’re on a road trip with your best friend and you reach the part of your journey where your cell phone stops navigating your turn-by-turn directions and all of a sudden you see that dreaded REROUTING CIRCLE OF DEATH! I don’t know how many times I’ve been in an area with the worst cell reception right when I needed it the most! It’s so frustrating, scary and it makes me feel lost. Can you relate?

In life we go through seasons of amazing communication and horrible communication during times when we need that communication device to be working the most. Isn’t that sometimes how life is when we are following God? Sometimes it can be so confusing trying to decipher whether God is cosigning on a choice that we made or if He’s rerouting us to another path. I feel like many times in life, God is navigating us but sometimes distractions arise. Distractions can be people that disturb your peace, money troubles that cause major setbacks, mental health moments that seem to spiral into depression or suicidal thoughts, or even self doubt that turn into self-hate thoughts. Whatever the distraction may look like for you, there is always a way to get back on your journey.

This is where Rerouting… comes into the picture. This blog is designed to guide you on your new journey. They say the best advice comes from people that have traveled on the road before and trust me I have become an expert in traveling on rerouted paths. Through all the rerouting and redirecting that God has designed for my life, I have managed to go with the flow (for the most part) and lean on Him more than ever before. Starting this blog is my ministry. It gives me a platform to be transparent about my lessons, tests, trials, valleys and everything in between while giving you tips and guiding you through your journey. No two journeys are the same but the blueprint to navigate through the challenging times is the same. So grab your passport, your bag, your journal and your dirty laundry because we are getting ready to unpack, unveil, and refocus our minds on the journey ahead. Let’s journey together!

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