Defining Your Journey


What do you want to be when you grow up? We have all been asked that question before and depending on what age you were when the question was posed, the response could’ve been something super unrealistic. I have a book from preschool and that was the question posed to all the graduates going to kindergarten. Well, everyone had simple one liners or two liners but my response was LONG. I had a list of occupations that I wanted to do from nail technician to a dancer and beyond. That was the journey that I thought I wanted to travel on. Little did I know, some of the occupations I chose required skills, schooling, and experience that I wasn’t willing to journey through to accomplish. I wasn’t willing to endure the waiting period and I ended up growing up and not pursuing any of the things I aspired to do.

Sometimes we like the idea of a path until God opens the door and we realize that it wasn’t what we wanted or expected. So how do we define a realistic journey? Cliche answer: PRAY ABOUT IT! I know not really what you want to hear but it’s the only sure way to be covered as you travel along your journey. If you’ve been following me for a while then you’d know that I am the most creative loving person in the world. I have tried and dabbled into a little bit of everything because I wanted to explore my options. Well, some journeys have put me in the financial hole, ended with tears or remained rocky the entire time. I decided to stop traveling alone. I prayed and asked God to not only be the passenger but be the driver, the insurance, the engine and the seatbelt. I needed covering as I maneuvered through my journey. Another point for defining your journey is this: If what you are doing doesn’t give glory to God’s kingdom in some way then you’re probably on the wrong path. Now let’s be clear, not everyone’s purpose is Ministry. You don’t have to be a Pastor or a Minister to fulfill your purpose. Sometimes your purpose can be simple but needed to get people to Christ. And you don’t have to be super spiritual about it either. For example, the way you live your everyday life is an inspiration to others. Your transparency can be your ministry. My ministry is blogging/writing and photography. Those two gifts allow me to reach people and minister to them where they are.

What journey have you chosen to venture on? Is it beneficial to the Kingdom or are you still trying to find your path? Have you tried praying about your purpose? Whatever your current location is on your journey I pray peace, reassurance, protection and clarity for you. May you be the person that God has created you to be. May your light always shine and bring the right people, resources, and opportunities your way.

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Britnee Alphin