An inquiry is made via or online.


The client is sent an introductory email within 24-48 hours after the inquiry introducing him and/or her to Britnee, the Soulphy Photo brand and Britnee’s style of photography. The email also contains a form link that the client must fill out for Britnee to design the experience for the client.


Once the client fills out the form and it is sent back to Britnee, the client then receives either an acceptance email for the requested time or a rejection/reschedule email for the requested time.

Upon acceptance, the client then receives an email outlining the cost of the requested service and detailed agreement that must be acknowledged, signed and returned to Britnee within 24-48 hours.


Once the agreement is returned to Britnee, the client either receives PayPal invoice via email for the session fee or pays online. The nonrefundable session fee is $150. The session fee must be paid at the time of booking. The client has 24 hours to pay the session fee to reserve the requested date. Failure to pay the session fee during booking will result in the client losing their requested date and time for service. NOTE: The session fee is not included in the package pricing. The session fee is a retainer to reserve the date and time agreed upon by the client and photographer. Session fees do notapply to Specials.


Once the session fee is paid the client and photographer are on standby until the TWO (2) days before the session. The client will receive TWO (2) reminders. The first email and text message (data rates may apply) reminder will be for the upcoming service. The second email will be from PayPal requesting the final balance for the upcoming service. This invoice is due within 24 hours of the schedule service day. 

NOTE: If you chose to have a payment plan, you are sent oneinvoice that accepts twopayments. Your final payment is due 24 hours before your session.

If the client wishes to cancel the scheduled service, it must be done 24-48 hours prior to the scheduled service date. NO REFUNDS will be granted for the session fee but session fees paid may be refunded depending on the nature of the service and photographer.


On the day of the session, the client must be on time. If the client is 15 minutes late, a late fee of $50 will be charged. This fee is due at the end of the scheduled session via PayPal swipe, PayPal invoice, PayPal Me link or Cash App. If the client is 30 minutes late, the session will be rescheduled. The client will need to reschedule and pay a newsession fee and package price.

The photographer must be compensated for time whether the client is present or not.


In 24 hours, the client will receive an email thanking them for the session and an estimation for when they can expect their images.


The client will receive and email with link to their private gallery | the password to access it. Once the client receives access to the images, he and/or she will have seven (7) days to download the images before the photographer deletes them from the allotted gallery platform. After the allotted time, the images will not be available for download. To regain access to the images after the allotted timeframe, the client must pay a $50 fee.


In 24-48 hours, the client will receive an optional feedback survey from the photographer to rate her on her services, image quality, expectations met, etc. This survey is essential to Soulphy Photo because it allows the photographer to make the necessary improvements to better serve future clientele. Reviews can also be posted on Facebook and Google.


Time to share and refer! Share your images with friends, family and colleagues. Remember to mention who captured your memory and give proper credit on all social media platforms. Please do not use social media filters or cropping tools when displaying images. For a FREE mini session, click here.

EFFECTIVE: April 2019

If you have any questions or concerns about The Process, please contact